About Aalto Colour

Aalto Colour was founded in 1992. Aalto specialises in the construction of fine colours in quality surface coatings. Individual colours are made by the building the colour on a palette, pigment by pigment, in the same way as the traditional artist.

Aalto's complex mixing of pigments produces an added depth and richness to the painted surface. An Aalto colour is truly distinguishable, the intensities and hues of each colour shift with the changing light of the day.

Integral to the expertise of colour making is the commitment to the finest quality products and service. Aalto premium quality paint is manufactured for the particular climatic conditions of the southern hemisphere.

While establishing a broad base of individual and corporate clients, Aalto is increasingly recognised as the supplier of specific colours for art galleries, local authorities, leading architects, designers and heritage institutions in New Zealand and Australia.


Why Use Aalto?

Are all colours created equal? At Aalto we believe not, formulating and making colour with an artist’s eye rather than the cost driven focus popular within the paint industry. The result is complex colours that are visually different and unique, produced in a range of high quality paint products. 

Choosing a colour demands an appreciation of light and nature of the architectural space. Every coating made by Aalto Colour contains all the pigments demanded by the colour chosen. There are no short cuts to building a colour. Light is dynamic. It’s changing intensity and hue act on Aalto's fully pigmented paints, revealing their richness and adding dimension to the mix. 

At Aalto we do not compromise on quality or our unique approach to colour. We believe there is no substitute for this combination.


Aalto Colour is an Innovative company providing personal service to specifiers and clients to help them achieve their painting and decorating needs. Our Aalto team undergo intensive colour, product and general paint training adding to the level of customer service received when choosing Aalto.

Services for specifiers

  • Colour samples
  • Custom colour service
  • Specification 
  • Colour consultancy 
  • Approved applicators directory 
  • Guarantee 

Colour Sampling

Aalto colour samples are painted with the real Aalto paint. Ensuring confidence that the colour applied in situ is accurate. Colour literature including charts and fandecks will be  available to specifiers to enable easy colour selection. A5 brush outs or test pots can then be ordered to fulfil sampling requirements. Aalto endeavours to supply sampling within 24 hours of request however this will be confirmed by your local Aalto agent upon ordering.

Custom Colour Service

Aalto Custom Colour Service is free of charge for specifiers as we understand the importance of obtaining the perfect colour to enhance each individual space. Each colour is created by eye using the colour building principles in every Aalto Colour; individual pigments are gradually introduced to ensure the depth and complexity demanded by the colour chosen.

When ordering please allow 24-48 hours for the colour to be formulated.


Aalto Colour provides the tools necessary for easy confident product specification. Aalto believes in assisting with projects from start to finish to ensure the highest possible outcome. Aalto's technical staff will write product specifications if required provided full substrate details and affecting factors are supplied; in some instances a site visit may be required.

Colour Consultancy

Aalto Colour offers a colour consultancy service to specifiers for both residential and commercial projects. Aalto consultants are happy to liaise with specifiers and/or their client to achieve a colour scheme that complements the space.

Aalto Approved Applicators

The appearance and longevity of paint is affected by the application therefore approved professional applicators should be used to ensure quality. Aalto Colour has a listing of Aalto approved applicators which is available on request. We work closely with these painters and are able to provide company recommendations suitable for particular jobs.

Aalto and the Environment

Since Aalto's inception in 1993 we have produced low VOC coatings. We produce a full range of water based enamels that can be used in place of the oil based paints. We do not use 'Trade' paint and only use the best raw materials available on the market -both nationally and internationally. Our pigments (colorants) are produced in Europe, and are of a superior quality than those commonly found. We believe any company can always do better and we are committed to quietly continuing our efforts in reducing our impact on the environment.
We are in the process of a implementing a number initiatives and will keep you posted. 


When correctly selected and applied, Aalto Colour stands behind the performance of every Aalto product implicit in Fair Trading and Consumer Guarantees Act. Aalto provides specification systems over various substrates and product data sheets as a guide to obtain maximum durability of paint systems over various substrates. Aalto's guarantee is only applicable on the use of a full Aalto system.

Projects requiring guarantee of performance exceeding the boundaries of the act must be established with Aalto at the start of the project. An Aalto technical staff member must be involved from the design stage to understand the substrate and relevant application issues, what particular aspects of performance require warranting and for how long.

The specification has to be agreed to by the specifier, the technical director of Aalto Colour and the painting contracting. The inspection process and maintenance regime must also be agreed by all parties. 

There are a number of factors that affect the longevity of a surface coating. Many of these occur at the time of painting including the quality and stability of the substrate, surface preparation, climatic condition at the time of application and during curing, the method of application and time between each coat, as well as the appropriateness of any thinner or additive used.

The main post-application factors affecting the life of a surface coating is exposure to weathering and atmospheric conditions; UV light, rain, fog, pollution and salt spray are all elements that affect the paint surface.

As a result of the variables involved with painting, the parties must follow a strict inspection process thought the project to ensure paint systems and application methods are followed.

Aalto Colour believes in the importance of this guarantee procedure which ensures a quality system is achieved, enabling Aalto Colour to confidently issue a written guarantee specific to that project.


Aalto Colour is the manufacturer of premium quality paints and surface coatings for interior and exterior use. Aalto Colour believes that premium coatings are required to withstand particular climatic conditions of the southern Hemisphere. Every Aalto product is formulated with the highest possible materials, ensuring optimal performance, durability, aesthetics and ease of use. No low cost trade line products are manufactured by Aalto colour.

Paint's quality is directly related to price. A paint's cost is based predominantly on the choice of polymer, for example 100% acrylic polymer are more expensive to manufacture than PVAs. This combination of solids (pigments, resins and additives) determine a product's quality

The application of a full Aalto system provides a maximum durability and optimal performance from a surface coating. When correctly selected and applied, Aalto paints and surface coatings will enhance the appearance and prolong the life of a building surface.

Colour Selection

Colours should be chosen to complement the architecture but also to suit each particular application. Darker colours retain more heat putting greater pressure on the substrate resulting in increased movement and/or excessive substrate drying. Lighter colours tend to last longer on dimensionally unstable substrates such as timber because of the movement of the substrate is reduced.