Aalto Gallery Paint ™

Proud to be in the background

Aalto Gallery Paint is the ideal paint for large interior spaces such as art galleries, museums and exhibition spaces where a low reflective finish and low volatile organic compounds (V.O.C) content is required. 

Independently tested at the Auckland Art Gallery, Aalto Gallery paint’s low emission of V.O.C does not compromise the air quality after 4-8 hours of application. The potential for damage to the art works from Aalto Gallery paint is negligible.

Aalto Gallery paint is a high build acrylic providing excellent coverage and drying capabilities. The low sheen finish is the perfect complement for open spaces as it diffuses and scatters the light, which would otherwise highlight surface imperfections, creating the illusion of a flat level surface.


Making colour from the fine arts perspective

Aalto is increasingly recognised as the supplier of specific colours for art galleries, local authorities, leading architects, designers and heritage institution in New Zealand and Australia. Aalto approaches the making of colour from the fine arts perspective. Individual colours are made by building the colour on a palette, pigment by pigment, in the same way as the traditional artist. Aalto’s colour makers often work closely with curators creating specific colours required for particular works of art and exhibitions. Aalto Gallery Paint can be formulated into any Aalto colour. 


Aalto Gallery Involvement

Aalto Colour has been proud to be in the background at numerous exhibitions, galleries and museums throughout New Zealand and Australia. 

  • Auckland Art Gallery

  • The New Gallery, Auckland

  • Auckland Institute and Museum

  • Te Papa Museum Wellington

  • Wellington City Gallery

  • Govett Brewster Gallery, New Plymouth

  • Hawke’s Bay Museum

  • Christchurch Art Gallery

  • Waikato Museum of Art and History

  • Pataka Poriaua Museum and Gallery

  • Temple Gallery, Dunedin

  • The Old Treasury Building Melbourne

  • Heide Museum of Modern Art

  • Art Gallery of Western Australia

  • Lawrence Wilson Gallery, University of Western Australia 


“Aalto Paints are custom designed to complement the Auckland Gallery environment. Their excellent coverage and the sophisticated and versatile colour range provide an excellent background for art works.” 

Fiona Wilson, Exhibition Designer and Coordinator, Auckland Art Gallery


“Working with the Aalto staff and product is a joy. The quality and range of Aalto’s palette enables Heide Museum of Modern Art to create a dynamic space which fits perfectly with each changing exhibition.” 

Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, Australia


“We acknowledge the outstanding contribution of Aalto Colour. Aalto Colour specifically blended the paint colours featured on the exhibition walls during both the Monet and Rodin shows, and they have developed colour cards that highlight the colours used by the Gallery.” 

Art Gallery of Western Australia